Explore Friday is a blog set up to document my adventures and hopefully inspire more people to break the cycle and get out and explore the world…

I’m Brad, a 32 year old commercial analyst based between London and the South West of England. I’ve been working for half my life and have become addicted to rewarding myself with a little weekend break occasionally.

Starting in Estonia in 2013, I’ve now taken at least 10 weekend trips and have visited 27 countries as of August 2017. We’ve all got day jobs and commitments – my daughter is almost 10 – so for many of us the dream of handing in our notice and going to work in a scuba school in Indonesia isn’t an option…yet.

The site will be evolving as time passes and I’ll be sharing travels near and far with you, and answering questions you didn’t even ask… how good are tacos in Tulum? How wet is western Sweden? Is there really a Bill Clinton statue in Kosovo?

I love a good travel pic so follow me up on Instagram – no trickery just a smartphone and a desire to share the things I see with you all 🙂

Happy reading, and feel free to share your thoughts!